New material/Process – textile manipulation/Fortuny

while researching textile manipulation I found many visually unique techniques such as trapunto, a form of quilting. Shirring which creates waves. As well as simpler but till visually interesting techniques like gathering which is when a long continuous stitch is sewn into, he fabric and then pulled to gather the fabric. And pleating which I had already started to utilize within my studio work.

I became interested in textile art after incorporating the use of fabric into my art. I researched into many designers for their structured draping, as well as looking at Fortuny, which is a type of pleating that stitches small folds together, heat treats it then removes the stitching.

An artist that incorporates a multitude of stitching techniques into their work is Hanne Friis. 

Friis work is very strong due to the type of textile manipulation she does, I think it is very important to look beyond traditional sculpture techniques and I think fabric is an amazing way to do that, because haute couture dresses themselves often look like sculptures. Incorporating fabric into my practice is something I’ve really enjoyed doing and will continue to explore it.  

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